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Public Service Organization Projects

Loose on the Bruce

The Client:
The Bruce Trail Association of Ontario.

The Job: Because so many volunteers work to maintain the Bruce Trail, the BTA had a problem preserving the know-how from one group to another, from one year to another. They approached us because they wanted a video that would preserve the key information: the jobs to be done, the tools that were needed, and safety practices.

The Execution: We designed a half-hour video which featured the chief trail worker, David Moule, speaking directly to the camera, showing the maintenance tools and describing their uses and safe handling. His engaging presentation was broken up by vignettes of other trail workers using the tools on actual construction and maintenance around the Trail.

Epilogue: The BTA President and executive members were bowled over with the quality of the information, the wonderfully descriptive supportive images, and the pacing and editing to make what could have been a boring "how to" video into a gripping and entertaining program. Numerous BTA members praised the video.

















Young at Heart

The Client:
The St. John Ambulance Society of Canada.

The Job: The St. John Ambulance Society wanted a film to make people aware of the special needs of Inuit and Dene elders in arctic and sub-arctic communities.

The Execution: We designed a warm and entertaining program showing native Inuit and Dene elders involved in a wide variety of interests and pursuits as they entered their Golden Years.

Epilogue: The film was widely praised for having so much "heart" and was bought by numerous librarians across Canada.

Breaking the Silence

The Client:
CAVEAT, The public service organization founded by the mother of a murdered teenager.

The Job: In the wake of the murders of several young women including Kristen French below left, make a video showing how young people are "breaking the silence" by speaking out against violence against young women.

The Execution: We designed a highly emotional video, shot at a conference of young people and had them speak straight to the camera of personal observations about the problem.

In between we showed all the ways they were participating in getting the word out.

 Numerous people remarked on the highly emotional video we made. More than one man watching it reported tears welling up.

It was a Finalist at the Yorkton International Film & Video Festival.
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