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Duck Lake, Batoche, Fish Creek, AB - Programs on the Métis Resistance of Louis Riel
Winnipeg, MB - Educational documentary on "Winnipeg: Gateway to the West"
Barrie, ON - TV documentary program "The Field Behind the Plow" on the International Plowing Match
Cut Knife, SK - Program on the First Nations Treaties
Macleod, AB, Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump - Documentary program on First Nations treaties
Fort St. James, BC - Programs on First Nations treaties and outdoor survival in remote regions
Prince George, to Prince Rupert, BC, corridor - Instructional programs on safe travelling in remote areas where cold water and bear and cougar attacks are ever present dangers
Port Hardy, BC - Instructional programs on safe travelling in bear and cougar country
Rodgers Pass, BC & Canmore, AB, corridor - Instructional programs on safe travelling in bear and cougar country, and on mountain and avalanche safety
Frog Lake, AB - Program on Riel Resistance
Lake Winnipeg - Instructional program on combatting hypothermia and surviving after falling into cold water or through ice
Mary's Harbour, Labrador - Program featuring energy conservation with a small hydro electric project
Penetanguishene, ON - TV documentary program "Sailing into the Past," featuring the efforts of Discovery Harbour to celebrate the history of sail in Ontario
Prince Edward Island - Program on cold water safety
Skidegate, BC - Programs on First Nations treaties and cold water safety
Revelstoke, BC - Outdoor winter survival programs
Mackenzie River, NT - TV documentary on an 1800 km trip on a tug and barge, down the length of the Mackenzie River from Hay River to Tuktoyuktuk,
Vancouver, BC - Instructional programs on surviving dangers of hypothermia in mountainous terrain and cold water immersion
Working with Government and Corporate Clients
& Public Service Organizations

The Canadian Department of National Defence, Ottawa, ON
- programs on high tech, safety, environmental awareness, French versioning, cadet promotion

Esso Resources, Calgary, AB
- programs to document the Beaufort Sea drilling operations and three year contract to document the largest construction project in Canada's arctic at Norman Wells, NT

Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
- documenting the sinking of an old warship to create an artificial reef for divers

The Canadian Coast Guard, Halifax, NS
- water safety video to train personnel and create public awareness

The Bruce Trail Association, Hamilton, ON
- a public service video on the dos and don'ts of trail construction and maintenance

The Manitoba Department of Education, Winnipeg, MB
- bought rights to make our series "Exploring Canadian Communities" available to all the schools in Manitoba

Interprovincial Pipe Line (Husky Oil), Edmonton, AB
- two year project to document the first oil pipeline ever constructed in Canada's arctic

The Wildlife Dept. of the Government of the NT, Yellownife, NT
- a series of wildlife public service announcements featuring the nature photography of John Goldi csc

The National Film Board of Canada, Montreal, PQ
- requested bulk purchase of three of our films for inclusion in the NFB's national library and catalogue

The Ontario Plowman's Association, Barrie, ON
- a documentary celebrating the plowing heritage of Ontario

Northern Addiction Services, Yellowknife, NT
- film program on how to fight addiction to drugs and alcohol
in the north

Atlantis Broadcasting Inc., Life Network, Toronto, ON
- a television series "Outdoor Adventure Canada" that ran from 1996-98 and won outstanding ratings, wonderful viewer mail, and an astonishing 80 major international television competition awards

Justice Canada (Gov't of Canada), Ottawa, ON
- multi-cultural film promoting safe recreational driving practices

St. John Ambulance, Ottawa, ON
- film promoting awareness of the special needs of native elders

The Discovery Channel, Toronto, ON
one hour television program on Bruce Fathom Five Provincial Park for its "Great Canadian Parks" series

The British Columbia Department of Education, Vancouver, BC
- "Dene Family" on BC "recommended resources" list and used to train BC teachers in multi-cultural awareness

Canadian Dept. of Energy, Mines, & Resources, Ottawa, ON
- films documenting energy conservation in remote Canadian communities

Parks Canada, Ottawa, ON
- several visitor center videos for Historic Sites, TV spots

The Discovery Harbour Association, Penetanguishene, ON
- documentary on its program celebrating the history of sail on the Great Lakes

Niagara Escarpment Commission, Georgetown, ON
- one hour film promoting the Niagara Biosphere Reserve

Alliance Atlantis Inc., History Television, Toronto, ON
- a four hour television series on Canada's role in the Great Anglo-Boer War 1899-1900

CAVEAT, Burlington, ON
- public service video promoting speaking out against violence against women

CBC North, Yellowknife, NT
- numerous television programs shot in arctic and sub-arctic Canada

The Dene Nation, Yellowknife, NT
- a one hour film promoting international awareness of the needs of Canada's First Nations people

And partnerships with numerous Provincial Departments of Tourism to make programs to promote their provinces.

The Barren Lands - TV documentary on the anual Rae Lakes caribou hunt
Lac La Martre - TV documentary on annual fish camp
Barren Lands, NT - TV documentary on winter trapping camp on the edge of the Barren Lands
Fort Liard, NT - TV documentary of fall trapping camp up the Liard River
Trenton, ON - Department of National Defence contract on the safe handling of liguid oxygen for air force pilots
Fort Resolution, NT - Documentary on winter trapping camp
Cluny, AB - Documentary on Treaties with First Nations
Ottawa, ON - Educational program on the history of Ottawa
Edmonton, AB - Documentary program on the fur trade and treaties with the First Nations
Golden, BC - Instrucional program on outdoor survival and avalanche safety
Victoria, BC - Instructional program on immersion hypothermia and survival on the water
Kincolith, BC - Documentary program on treaties with First Nations people
Lutselk'e, NT - Documentary and promotional programs on First Nations
Yellowknife, NT - Numerous instructional programs on outdoor survival in every season
St. Denis, St. Charles, St. Eustache, PQ - Documentary programs on the Rebellions of 1838
Gjoa Haven, NU - Lived here for a year as teachers and principal
Cambridge Bay, NY - Worked here for a year as teachers
Lutselk'e, NT - Worked here for four years as teacher and principal
Gimli, MB - Instructional program on immersion hypothermia.

"Great Canadian Websites & Innovation"

More than one internet surfer has commented on the six spectacular web sites we have created since we started one of the very first multi-media web sites in 1996.

Our museum sites have set the international standard followed by museums and internet communicators around the world.

Our sites were the very first to feature huge pictorials, educational modules, including sound and video files, years before CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, CBC, the Toronto Star, the Imperial War Museum in London, the Smithsonian in Washington, and others, followed suit.

Most internet communicators, including Canadian museums, still lag far behind.

In fact, while our museums continue to expand in lavishness, others actually regress. Canadian museums, in particular, have drastically pulled back their internet pictorial content, deciding, rather than displaying Canada's visual treasures free, for public education, to shelve and hoard them, and make them available only to make money for their departments, by "double-dipping," selling access, once again, to the taxpayers, who have already spent millions to acquire them in the first place for public education.

International Feedback

Canada's Most Experienced & Widely Travelled Film & Video
Production Crew -

Our shooting crew has not changed in over 30 years.

Goldi Productions Ltd.


From as far west (Masset in the Queen Charlotte Islands, BC, east (Cape Spear, NF), north (Grise Fiord, NU) and south (Point Pelee, ON), as it's possible to go in Canada, and thousands of places in between, Joan Goldi and John Goldi csc, have been a location shooting team since 1979, filming Canada and Canadians at work and play.

(Map) Our major work and shooting locations across Canada during the past 30 years.



Creative Team:



Rare Honour: Comparing our work in government and corporate productions to the competition.

Goldi Productions Ltd. was awarded the second highest number of points of excellence by a committee of the Canadian Government, judging submissions from the top 65 Ontario film and television production companies applying to be among 6 finalists to be selected to make video programs for Canadian Government departments.

What Our Sponsors & Viewers Say:

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"Keeping Canadians - and the World - in Touch With Canada"

Grise Fiord, NT - Documentary film on remote Inuit community energy conservation project
Cambridge Bay, NT - Documentary film on arctic windfarm pilot project
Beaufort Sea, NT - Documentary program and promotional film on Beaufort Sea oil well drilling ships program
Mackenzie Valley, NT - A one hour television film promoting understanding of the Dene First Nations lifestyle on the land.
Coppermine, NT - Multi-cultural promotional film "Young at Heart" to encourage understanding of elders across northern Canada
Norman Wells, NT - Documentary films on the $900,000,000 Norman Wells Oilfield Expansion Project
Mayo, YT - Documentary program on steam conservation heating project
Dawson, YT - TV documentary program "Panning for Klondike Gold," on the history of Yukon's gold mining industry
Whitehorse, YT - Multi-cultural promotional film featuring Cadet Camp Whitehorse
Chilkoot Trail, YT - TV documentary programs "Ho for the Klondike," and "Panning for Klondike Gold," on the Gold Rush of 1898 by following the 700 km trek from Skagway, AK, to Dawson City, YT
Masset, Queen Charlotte Is., BC - Documentary film on First Nations energy conservation program
Mackenzie Valley - Documentary film on constructing Canada's first Arctic Pipeline ($600,000,000 project)
North West Territories - Numerous northern television films on contract to CBC North
North West Territories - Promotional multi-cultural film warning northern Canadians against drinking & driving recreational vehicles
God's Lake Narrows, MB - Documentary program on a remote First Nations community housing upgrading project
Manitoba - Manitoba Dept. of Education bought rights to make our seven part film series "Exploring Canadian Communities," available to schools throughout Manitoba
Southern Saskatchewan & Alberta - TV documentary program "Westward Ho the Wagons," on the Boundary Commission Wagon Train re-enactment
Drumheller, AB - TV documentary program on a program "In Search of the Colossal Fossil" featuring digging up dinosaurs
Edmonton, AB - Educational program on the History of Edmonton
Rendell Creek, BC - Documentary film on a private remote small hydro project for energy conservation
Vancouver, BC - Documentary film on the port operations of Vancouver, British Columbia
Vancouver, BC - British Columbia Department of Education used one of our documentary films to create a program promoting multi-cultural awareness for BC teachers
Nanaimo, Vancouver Is., BC - TV documentary on "The Saskatchewan Will Never Die," a documentary program on creating an artificial reef from an old warship
Quebec City, PQ - Two TV documentary programs "The Magic of Winter" and "What an Ice Canoe!"  on Quebec's world famous Winter Carnival
Ottawa, ON - The Department of National Defence contracted us to version four of our Outdoor Safety films into French for use by Canadian Forces
St. Maurice Park, PQ - TV documentary program "Born to Run" on the return of dogteams
Fergus, ON - TV documentary program "Highland Heavies," celebrating the Highland Games tradition in Ontario
Niagara Escarpment, ON - Bruce Trail Association trail maintenance instructional video for workers
Prescott, ON - Parks Canada Visitor Centre Video for Ft. Wellington, featuring the history of the Thousand Islands and the St. Lawrence River
Montreal, PQ - The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) - Requested bulk purchase of three of our films for inclusion in the NFB national library and catalogue
Niagara Escarpment, ON  - Documentary program "In Trust for All the World" promoting this UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve
Camp Borden, ON - Promotional video program to encourage environmental awareness among all Canadian Forces personnel
Niagara, ON - Parks Canada Visitor Centre Video for Ft. George featuring the history of the Niagara Peninsula
Lake Ontario - TV documentary program "Fish Story" on the return of trout and salmon to Lake Ontario
Amherstburgh, ON - Parks Canada Visitor Centre Video for Ft. Malden, featuring the history of the Windsor/Detroit frontier
Ottawa, ON - The Department of National Defence bulk purchased four of our outdoor safety films to train Canadian Forces personnel
Winisk, ON - Documentary program on a remote First Nations community energy conservation project
Halifax, NS - Several instructional programs, including "Small Craft: Cold Water" for training Canadian Forces & and the public about the dangers of cold water immersion and hypothermia
Halifax, NS - Educational program on the history of Halifax
Bay Bulls, NF - TV documentary program "A Whale of a Tail"  on the return of the Atlantic humpback whale
Roddickton, NF - Documentary program on energy efficiency with a wood chip burning hydro project
Port Hope Simpson, Labrador - Documentary program on energy conservation with a steam conservation heating project
Touch and Click Screen: Some major work locations and shooting sites for film, television, and video programs done on contract for, or with the sponsorship of, Canadian federal and provincial government departments, major corporations, and leading public service organizations.

Our Reach: The black dots show some locations where multiple copies of our DVD, video, and film programs can be found. We can proudly say there are more copies of our documentary, promotional, educational, and training programs in government and corporate offices, universities, schools, libraries, and public service organizations, across Canada, than those of any other Canadian independent producer.

Programs shot in these places have won 136 major international TV & film awards
at leading American Film Festivals, including:
1 Platinum, 22 Gold, 19 Silver, 37 Bronze, 28 Finalists.