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Educational Production

Where Our DVDs, Videos, and Films Are:

Each dot represents a user who has bought multiple programs that we have produced.

These include programs designed to be: promotional, and educational, all about Canada and Canadians, in fields as varied as Aboriginal Peoples, outdoor safety, Canadian history, heritage, and nature, and sports adventure.

These programs are used by teachers, educators, librarians, and staff training professionals, in schools and universities, libraries, government departments, corporations, and public service organizations, in every Canadian province and every one the the 50 US states.

  • "Excellent depiction of places of interest and those of historic importance. Fits perfectly into the intermediate history program. If all the videos in this series are of the good quality and excellent content of this tape then I recommend we not only purchase this one but the others in the series as well."
    - on the Series, by Consultant, Hamilton-Wentworth R.C.S.S.B., ON

  • "Superb! I enjoyed the content immensely."
    - on the Series, by Media Librarian, N.L. Northumberland & Newcastle Board, ON

  • "Photography is excellent!"
    - by Teacher, Hamilton-Wentworth R.C.S.S.B. ON

  • "Like most other Boards of Education we have purchased the first 5 parts of this series, and they are rapidly becoming an integral part of our Junior Social Studies Curriculum. It is essential that high quality Canadian materials such as these continue to be available for students."
    - by Media Coordinator, Oxford Count Board, ON

  • "Refreshingly presented - Kids would love it!"
    - by Teacher, Hamilton-Wentworth R.C.S.S.B., ON
  • "Titles from the series were previewed and very highly evaluated.
    - by Media Department, Manitoba Department of Education

    "Thank You Manitoba"

    We are pleased and honoured that the Manitoba Department of Education has acquired the rights to make the entire series of Exploring Canadian Communities available to each and every school throughout Manitoba.

  • "I would like to take the opportunity to commend you on the work you have been doing in the development of Canadian videos for young people. I was able to observe all the existing videos in the series and recommend them highly for both content and quality."
    - the Series, Social Studies Consultant, Calgary Board, AB

  • "The on-site photography, aerial views and thorough coverage of the facts combine to make this a valuable aid in the teaching of history at the intermediate level."
    - by Teacher, Hamilton-Wentworth R.C.S.S.B., ON

A Proud "Thank You"

At the Western Canada Film Showcase at Banff, Alberta, four of our programs, including several from the "Exploring Canadian Communities Series," were voted into the "Top Ten" of the "100 Most Highly Recommended Programs", by a committee of the leading educational film and video buyers from across Western Canada. This was at a marketing showcase where 32 major international distributors (we were the smallest one there) were showing thousands of the latest video program releases during a week of previewing.

Our one-hour television documentary "My Land is My Life"** was voted Third Best Program of the Showcase. (By comparison, National Geographic placed 2 programs in the Top Ten, the NFB one, and CBC and TVO none.) Surprised organizers informed us that no producer or distributor had ever placed that many programs into the Top Ten before.

**The film also won a "Best Film" Golden Sheaf at Yorkton, at Canada's oldest international film and television festival.







Sesame Street - Our program on "Dene Family" was honoured with a showing on Sesame Street.
The National Film Board of Canada bulk purchased three of our programs for including in their national catalogue and library system.
The Canadian Museum of Civilization made our film "My Land is My Life" into Canada's first CD-ROM interactive and installed it in their museum
The British Museum used our film "My Land is My Life," as the centre piece of their Aboriginal Canada display in London, England.
The Secretary of State, Government of Canada made our program "My Land is My Life" the centre piece of their Bravo Canada trailer display that toured across Canada.

Our programs have won 136 major international awards
at all the main American Film and Television festivals
in competition with leading film and television producers from around the world,
and include:
1 Platinum, 22 Gold, 19 Silver, 37 Bronze, 28 Finalists

Our Outdoor Safety Series of programs on cold water immersion, hypothermia, winter survival, and emergency first aid are credited with saving countless lives all over North America.
The Department of National Defence, Canada, acquired our Outdoor Safety Series to teach all members of the Canadian Forces survival skills.

As a result of our groundbreaking research on the Canadian Experience in South Africa during the Boer War (for our four Gold Medal winning, four hour television series made for History Television), the Canadian Heritage Minister, St├ęphane Dion, wrote us to inform us that as a result of our research and proposal, Canada will set up the first ever Historic Sites and Monuments signage on the African Continent to commemorate people, places, and events, we featured in our documentary.

Go to St├ęphane Dion

Go to Our Great South African Canadian Heritage Discoveries

The British Columbia Department of Education put our film "Dene Family" on the provincial Recommended Materials list and built a teacher training module around it as well.